Upaya Peralihan Pengelolaan Air Traffic Controller Dari PT. Angkasa Pura ke Pemerintah

Ismail Najamuddin


The formation or mangement transition of Air Traffic Control or Air Traffic Services (ATC/ ATS) policy in reference to the Law Number 1 of Year 2009 on Aviation, in article 271 paragraph (1) and (2) and (4), international regulation of ICAO Document 9 191 / 3 Manual on Air Navigation Services Economy as well as other related regulations and policies in participating the increase of aviation safety and service quality, Air Traffic Services performance and Airport Service in entire national air space.
In order to make transition formation of Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Services management to the goverment, it is necessary to do steps to review some aspects as follow : legal/regilation aspect, institutional/organization al aspect and operational/service aspect. Management of Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Services (ATC/ATS) has to be caharacterized as public services, reducing bureaucracy, integrated service, non-profit oriented and financially independent and organizationally effective and efficient in atool to create unity and entity as well as state's security. The unitary Stafe of Republic of Indonesia has be run by the goverment nationally in a single container.


transition to a goverment, ATC Management

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Undang-Undang Nomor 1 Tahun 2009 tentang Penerbangan

SKEP/ 106/Xl/1 989, tentang Petuniuk Pelaksanaan Pembinaan dan Penyelenggaraan Pelayanan Keselamatan Lalu Lintas Penerbangan.

Annex 2 tentang Rules of the Air, ICAO.

Annex 11 tentang Air Traffic Services, ICAO.

Annex 14 tentang Aerodromes, ICAO.

Annex 15 tentang Aeronautical Information Services, ICAO.

Statistik Angkutan Udara PT. Angkasa Pura I

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25104/wa.v37i4.187.401-417


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